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Origin of the Broken Silence Foundation


The Cochlear Implant programme in the Czech Republic began in 1993 when the device, surgery, and post operative support were not financed with the support of insurance organizations.

Originally the cost of a the Cochlear Implant system was more than 750,000 CZK,  a substantial amount of money for families in a low-wage environment and in economically uncertain times of an economy in transition. Broken Silence helped to fund the first devices in the then Czechoslovakia.

Later, the situation changed when national insurance was able to begin the support of a limited number of devices after being vetted throught a special committed.


The actions of the Broken Silence Foundation

Collected funds in successful charity balls

These funds were used to :

  • Equip 2 hospital rooms in the "Motol Hospital" for deaf children as well as providing accomodation for the parents during the preoperative procedures and operation.*
  • Support 2 members of the Cochlear Implant users group of the Czech Republic to particiapte in the EURO-CIU meeting.
  • Support the the equipping of special schools for hearing imparied in the towns Ostrava-Poruba and  Beroun.
  • Buy specific ewupment for multisensory room "Snoezelen" to be used with children with comlex needs - CI candidates and users.
  • Sponsor informational CD disk about Cochlear Implantation.


 *The adult users and families with CI Children which are not from Prague and need to stay overnight beteen rehabilitation sessions or fittings can use the accomdations at the Federation of Deaf house in Stodulky to whom Broken Silence also provides support.